Tip: Software That Can Help Small Businesses

It’s the small, less obvious things that can often have the biggest impact on successfully operating a business. As my friend Andrew experienced, a simple change in organization and bookkeeping software can have a dramatic, positive effect, often more so than other changes in regards to business practices.

import-exportAndrew is in the shipping business. His business incorporates a medium-sized warehouse from which he ships all sorts of goods to people all across Europe with some customers even in the US and in China.

There is obviously a lot of stock to manage and to organize, let alone the effort required to effective manage the amounts of paperwork and documents that come with this type of business.

Andrew had a consultant give him the advise to switch over to export management software and it didn’t take a month that his profits increased by over 18% which is entirely unheard of considering no other changes had been made.

It is clear that certain types of businesses can profit tremendously from industry specific applications, prime example would be shipping software or export software for all those who deal with shipments, import and export of merchandise. It can be a small company that sells via ebay or a large corporate that is actively involved with trades with Asia, there are almost always benefits when this type of software is used.

Another tip for all business owners: Electronic invoicing. As is so often the case, processing many invoices on a daily basis can take up a lot of time. If you switch to E-invoice  you will be able to instantly send and receive your invoices without any lengthy delays. E-invoice can also help to save money on stamps plus it helps you to reduce mistakes since you do not need to type your invoices into your computer system any longer.