Things To Do In the United Kingdom

As someone who is still pretty new to the UK I think it might be helpful for some if I give some tips about fun things to do in the UK.

Matthew Uses Horse Racing Tips To Win At The Races
Matthew Uses Horse Racing Tips To Win At The Races

Of course, one thing I am always fascinated with ever since I live here is how the Brits really love to wager on all kinds of bets.

Alone on my street here in London there are several sports betting places close by.

I was meeting a guy, Matthew, last month who told me that he is making his entire living from horse racing.

He actually quit his job so he can fully dedicate to the races.

He must be doing something right since Matthew is far from a “loser”, he is actually very well off and this is mostly (as he told me) due to his winnings at the races.

When I talked with Matthew I asked him how he can make a living of horse racing which essentially is gambling where you never know whether you’ll win or not. He was simply laughing at me and telling me straight to my face that only amateurs think horse racing has something to do with luck.

“If it were a matter of luck only, do you think I would have quit my job? I may be a horse racing fanatic, alright, but I am not an idiot”.

He added: “If you’re a professional like me you don’t rely on luck. You will have a solid betting strategy in place and you’ll know about horse racing betting from the inside out.”

He told me the key is to have insider knowledge about the races, the horses, the jockeys and then to apply this knowledge. Only by doing that he was able to make a fortune. This is the difference between horse racing professionals and those people who go to the races just for fun.

He told me about free racing tips which I can recommend to you if you’re into horse racing as well.