The Public School System in the UK vs Private Schools

One could certainly argue that nothing can be more important than education. Most of the time it will be your level of education that will be deciding about your later career, your pay and your overall happiness.

kingshott-schoolObviously, not all families in the United Kingdom can afford sending their children to a private, independent school.

However, seeing that our public school system can at times be less than optimal, I’d say that any family today should consider whether a private school would not be the better option in the long run.

Yes, it is correct that there will be initial expenses. But think about how a good education can benefit your children later on, last but not least also with a better paying job.

Studies have shown that those children who attended a private school in the UK by and large not only get into highly competitive career easier compared to their fellows who come from public schools. It has also been shown that attendees of independent, private schools are earning more money on average. In other words, the expenses of a private school will likely at some point pay be offset by higher wages once your children start working.

The United Kingdom fortunately has a large number of good private schools. Not all of them are so-called “Elite” schools that need to cost a fortune. In recent years there have been more private education institutions that are now affordable even for families with an average income.

Think about the importance of a good education for your children and weigh off the pros and cons of sending your children to a public school versus a private school. Sending the children to a private school can possibly be the best decision you can make for them. See independent school Hertfordshire for more information.