How Does an Outdoor Fire Alarm Work?

outdoor-fire-det2Automated fire detection in the outdoors was up until recently almost impossible.

Obviously, one can’t just put smoke detectors onto trees or poles to monitor outdoor spaces, such as forests, beaches, sports venues or any other type of outdoor location.

New fire detection technology such as outdoor fire alarms and digital fire detection cameras are now making fire detection for the outdoors possible.

How do outdoor fire alarms work?

Fire cameras are the most-common devices that are being used to detect fires outdoors. These cameras can “see” a fire in real time as it happens. Upon detection, they can also notify responders automatically so that these systems can monitor outdoor locations 24/7 without a person needing to be present.

Among the advantages of a fire camera is also that they can easily be integrated into any existing video surveillance system. If a business or a private homeowner already has a video system in place, they can simply substitute an ordinary video camera with a fire camera. The fire camera can then continue to work as a normal camera but with the added benefit of also being a state-of-the-art outdoor fire alarm.

Fire cameras are now getting increasingly more popular not just in various industries of all types. More homeowners are now also looking into fire cameras as they can provide security for spots where fire detection had been problematic in the past. They are now providing superior fire detection for gardens, terraces and beaches and can also monitor entire homes from a distance.