Gadgets To Increase Fire Safety At Home Or In Your Business

Some tech gadgets available today are not just “cool”, they can actually help saving lives. Among those technical marvels would be devices that help us to increase safety, for instance by protecting us from fires be it at home or at the workplace.

detectomatSometimes it can be very simple things such as smoke detectors that can already help greatly for more safety and security at home. A smoke detector can be had for  few bucks in any almost hardware or department store.

Obviously, simple smoke detectors will not be sufficient if you own a business or a commercial venue where many lives can be at stake in case of a fire.

For such cases, there are complex and highly effective fire prevention systems available today, one example here would be kitchen suppression systems like the Ansul fire suppression system.

As compared to past times, modern fire alert and prevention systems are normally much more than a number of manual fire alerts distributed through a building. Today, systems like the Detectomat are wirelessly connecting smoked detectors, fire alarms and control panels making it a very elaborate and effective fire prevention measure. Because those systems are operating wirelessly they can easily be added to any structure without major installation work required.

If you’re interested in modern fire prevention systems I recommend you visit They can advise you on what type of safety gadgets would be right for your home or your company. They can also be of help if you want to know more about dry riser testing and other related fire safety issues.