Tip: Software That Can Help Small Businesses

It’s the small, less obvious things that can often have the biggest impact on successfully operating a business. As my friend Andrew experienced, a simple change in organization and bookkeeping software can have a dramatic, positive effect, often more so than other changes in regards to business practices. Andrew is in the shipping business. His business incorporates a medium-sized warehouse from… More →

The Public School System in the UK vs Private Schools

One could certainly argue that nothing can be more important than education. Most of the time it will be your level of education that will be deciding about your later career, your pay and your overall happiness. Obviously, not all families in the United Kingdom can afford sending their children to a private, independent school. However, seeing that our public… More →

Gadgets To Increase Fire Safety At Home Or In Your Business

Some tech gadgets available today are not just “cool”, they can actually help saving lives. Among those technical marvels would be devices that help us to increase safety, for instance by protecting us from fires be it at home or at the workplace. Sometimes it can be very simple things such as smoke detectors that can already help greatly for more safety… More →

Britain’s Amateurs Turn Their Back On Golf

Rough times for golf according to The Independent. Their article states how more and more Britons turn their back on this once very famous sport. Scotland’s  593 golf clubs are trying to hold on to their members. According to new numbers  from the Scottish Golf Union golf memberships in the nation dropped 14 per cent between 2004 and 2013. The… More →