Apprenticeships Can Help Get The Job You Want

To get into a good career in IT, especially if you’re looking to get positions such as a developer position with a specific company you may need to think out of the box.

it-apprenticeshipIt may well be that the company you’re eying and where you desperately want to get in with is not even hiring. Or at least they may tell you so when you ask them whether they have any openings.

This is a “secret trick” I am now revealing to you: With an IT apprenticeship you me able to get into your favoured company nevertheless! Why is that? Let me explain.

It may well be that a company is financially limited or may have other reasons that they don’t hire at a given moment. On the other hand, this very some company might take you as an IT apprentice simply because it will cost them less.

While this might sound less appealing at first, an apprenticeship has significant advantages:

* During the time of your apprenticeship you can get invaluable experience. This is time way better spent than unsuccessfully looking for a job.

* In IT, 95% of apprentices are ultimately getting hired full-time. An employer will unlikely let you go after your apprenticeship once they have seen your value for their company during the apprenticeship.

* During your IT apprenticeship you can obtain additional qualifications such as A+ certifications. Most of the time your company will cover the costs for those courses as well.

No matter how you look at it, choosing IT apprenticeships will benefit you: After your apprenticeship you will either have a full-time position or you will have a great CV with experience and qualifications that will make your job search a lot easier.