After “Bendgate”, iPhone Users Encounter ‘Hairy’ Problems

That the iPhone 6 bends easily should be known by now unless you lived under a rock in the last few weeks. Now, iPhone 6 users are reporting even more problems. And this time it’s a rather hairy one.

A good number of people who got an iPhone 6 are now reporting that Apple’s latest phone has the habit to rip out facial hairs rather painfully.

The problem seems to be the seam between the glass and the aluminium on the new handsets. The phone is catching hairs from people’s heads and beards and pulls them out.

There is a whole bunch of users on twitter and other media who are reporting about this problem.

Apple itself, as with the bending issue, keeps rather silent about the problem. They say that with “normal use”, the iPhone does neither bend nor pull hairs out.