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After “Bendgate”, iPhone Users Encounter ‘Hairy’ Problems

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That the iPhone 6 bends easily should be known by now unless you lived under a rock in the last few weeks. Now, iPhone 6 users are reporting even more problems. And this time it’s a rather hairy one.

A good number of people who got an iPhone 6 are now reporting that Apple’s latest phone has the habit to rip out facial hairs rather painfully.

The problem seems to be the seam between the glass and the aluminium on the new handsets. The phone is catching hairs from people’s heads and beards and pulls them out.

There is a whole bunch of users on twitter and other media who are reporting about this problem.

Apple itself, as with the bending issue, keeps rather silent about the problem. They say that with “normal use”, the iPhone does neither bend nor pull hairs out.

Gadgets To Increase Fire Safety At Home Or In Your Business

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Some tech gadgets available today are not just “cool”, they can actually help saving lives. Among those technical marvels would be devices that help us to increase safety, for instance by protecting us from fires be it at home or at the workplace.

detectomatSometimes it can be very simple things such as smoke detectors that can already help greatly for more safety and security at home. A smoke detector can be had for  few bucks in any almost hardware or department store.

Obviously, simple smoke detectors will not be sufficient if you own a business or a commercial venue where many lives can be at stake in case of a fire.

For such cases, there are complex and highly effective fire prevention systems available today, one example here would be kitchen suppression systems like the Ansul fire suppression system.

As compared to past times, modern fire alert and prevention systems are normally much more than a number of manual fire alerts distributed through a building. Today, systems like the Detectomat are wirelessly connecting smoked detectors, fire alarms and control panels making it a very elaborate and effective fire prevention measure. Because those systems are operating wirelessly they can easily be added to any structure without major installation work required.

If you’re interested in modern fire prevention systems I recommend you visit http://argosfire.co.uk. They can advise you on what type of safety gadgets would be right for your home or your company. They can also be of help if you want to know more about dry riser testing and other related fire safety issues.

Some Of the Best Back-To-School Tech Gadgets

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Over at CRN I found a nice list of ten of the best back-to-school tech gadgets which might be helpful for you or your children.


The Philips Wake-Up-Light

The list contains cool stuff like wireless speakers from JBL and my own personal favorite, the Kindle Paperwhite II.

So if you’re still looking for some essential to get ready for school you might want to check this list out.

Still, I wish I had the problems that kids nowadays have who are now facing the torture of choice what iphone case would be best or how to charge their iPods best.


Tip: Software That Can Help Small Businesses

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It’s the small, less obvious things that can often have the biggest impact on successfully operating a business. As my friend Andrew experienced, a simple change in organization and bookkeeping software can have a dramatic, positive effect, often more so than other changes in regards to business practices.

import-exportAndrew is in the shipping business. His business incorporates a medium-sized warehouse from which he ships all sorts of goods to people all across Europe with some customers even in the US and in China.

There is obviously a lot of stock to manage and to organize, let alone the effort required to effective manage the amounts of paperwork and documents that come with this type of business.

Andrew had a consultant give him the advise to switch over to export management software and it didn’t take a month that his profits increased by over 18% which is entirely unheard of considering no other changes had been made.

It is clear that certain types of businesses can profit tremendously from industry specific applications, prime example would be shipping software or export software for all those who deal with shipments, import and export of merchandise. It can be a small company that sells via ebay or a large corporate that is actively involved with trades with Asia, there are almost always benefits when this type of software is used.

I can only advise all owners of small businesses to carefully consider their software choices. Rarely is standard software sufficient to operate at maximum efficiency. I recommend that you look at international export information to learn all about export software and how it can help your business.

Britain’s Amateurs Turn Their Back On Golf

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Rough times for golf according to The Independent. Their article states how more and more Britons turn their back on this once very famous sport.

Scotland’s  593 golf clubs are trying to hold on to their members. According to new numbers  from the Scottish Golf Union golf memberships in the nation dropped 14 per cent between 2004 and 2013.

The Scottish Golf Unions’s deputy chief executive, Andy Salmon, said one reason for the decline is due to a shift away from club membership to “pay and play” by what calls “nomadic” golfers.

But it’s not only those players who are a reason for a decline in membership numbers. Overall participation has also declined.

As for England, club membership there dropped 20 per cent between 2004 and 2013 according to England Golf.

Things To Do In the United Kingdom

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As someone who is still pretty new to the UK I think it might be helpful for some if I give some tips about fun things to do in the UK.

Matthew Uses Horse Racing Tips To Win At The Races

Matthew Uses Horse Racing Tips To Win At The Races

Of course, one thing I am always fascinated with ever since I live here is how the Brits really love to wager on all kinds of bets.

Alone on my street here in London there are several sports betting places close by.

I was meeting a guy, Matthew, last month who told me that he is making his entire living from horse racing.

He actually quit his job so he can fully dedicate to the races.

He must be doing something right since Matthew is far from a “loser”, he is actually very well off and this is mostly (as he told me) due to his winnings at the races.

When I talked with Matthew I asked him how he can make a living of horse racing which essentially is gambling where you never know whether you’ll win or not. He was simply laughing at me and telling me straight to my face that only amateurs think horse racing has something to do with luck.

“If it were a matter of luck only, do you think I would have quit my job? I may be a horse racing fanatic, alright, but I am not an idiot”.

He added: “If you’re a professional like me you don’t rely on luck. You will have a solid betting strategy in place and you’ll know about horse racing betting from the inside out.”

He told me the key is to have insider knowledge about the races, the horses, the jockeys and then to apply this knowledge. Only by doing that he was able to make a fortune. This is the difference between horse racing professionals and those people who go to the races just for fun.

He told me about free racing tips which I can recommend to you if you’re into horse racing as well.